Owen Pallett

Yesterday I went to Vega to the concert with Owen Pallett and it was amazing. He was just a rather small and crazy guy with a violin taking up the hole stage and everyone in the audience with amazing music and a twisted sense of humour.


Friday i went to the Perer, Björn and John concert at Vega. One of the best concerts ever. Wonderful energy and exiting new tracks from the upcoming album. Cant wait! Saturday it was Band of Horses at Tap1. It was for me a mixed evening. 2 hours of long boring bands before the Horses. Thank god I didn't have heals on. They played awesome but a lot of boring similar songs made it a long evening.

The word is never gonna come out

While I’m waiting for this hot piece of ass to come, I’m listening to sleigh bells and working on a new DIY project. Oh I love holidays.


Søndag skal jeg med mine gode ven Malthe ind og se Oscar-uddelingen i imperial og jeg håber virkelig James Franco får en statuette for sin fantastiske indsats i filmen 127 Hours.
not sure why i like this so much really fucking inspirational*~*~

James Blake - Measurements

James Blake is a boy with a voice like an angel

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Veronica from my class wore these beautiful earrings the other day with a big messy braid. It made chemistry a lot more fierce.